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As the beginning, our company started as a distributor of F&B software, mainly sold to restaurants. Based on the experience working with many restaurants, listening to their needs & solving problems that happened, we learned firsthand of what kind of software a restaurant needs. We also learned that many POS systems might look good up front, but the reality of using them on an ongoing basis doesn’t live up to the initial impression they created.

After years of experience in selling and implementing the F&B software, we decided to create our own product called DreamPOS. It is a point of sale system that initially built and developed to restaurateur’s needs. Our vision then, as it is now, was to develop intuitive restaurant software that enables the user to accomplish tasks easily and improve the workflow and communication across the entire staff of the restaurant.

Over the years, DreamPOS has continuously updated and enhanced its features following the market demands as well as to respond to requests of our valued users. DreamPOS also started to extend its features by offering open integration capabilities that allow third party’s software to integrate into the system. With the rapid changing of trends and technology, we continue to introduce new products of our own to provide our customers with all of the benefits the new technologies could give.

Chief Programming Officer, DreamPOS
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